camping along the flint hills nature trail


Rapid improvement of Flint Hills nature trail due to its designation as a state park. It really is a fantastic trail! It has obviously been taken care of and it was a wonderful ride. I’ve seen fox, coyote, deer, turkey, and numerous birds and butterfly-types there. The Cottage House in Council Grove and the Koch Guesthouse (AirBnB) in Osage City were delightful, and Jeff and Yon at the Ottawa Bike Shop were outstandingly - I mean really - helpful. Bushong is the high point in this section. Converting an abandoned rail corridor into a trail is not always an easy task, but it is one whose rewards to your community and region will continue far into the future. East of Pomona Lake, the Flint Hills Trail will also join the developing 38-mile Landon Nature Trail, a pleasantly wooded corridor heading north to Topeka. You will need a MTB bike or at least a cyclocross bike. The Prairie Spirit Trail was the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Trail of the Month in January 2004. RV parks and campgrounds in the Flint Hills area are listed below. They already have mile markers from Ottawa to Osawatomie. We got off at HW 368 and went north and camped at Pomona State Park. Santa Fe trail, bike trails are on private land, misspelling a city's name). In response to perrysmith in September, 2010 1 it really helps when you are spelling the name of a town that you actually spell it correctly. Quiet ride with beautiful views of the working and natural landscape. There are however farm houses all along, so if you really needed help in an emergency, it is not far away. A diverse nature trail winding through the Flint Hills down into a bottomland hardwood forest and a small stand of Paw Paw trees. It is too steep for a bike and I don't think a rider would want to do it on horseback. Now, from Osage City east to Osawatomie is from passable to good enough, mostly on the positive side of that spectrum. I've seen everything from Cocker Spaniels to German Shepherds. We had a great time and this trail is highly recommended! Rantoul — From I-35 east of Ottawa, go east 7 miles. There are no services on this trail at all, but if you turn left (East) onto John Brown Highway, it's only 1 or 2 miles before you get into town and can grab something to eat and drink. Also? No trash, fairly clean. From there to Vasser it's pretty rough. Started on the trail in Herrington heading east. Flint Hills State Park Trail Guide: Osawatomie, KS, US Show 11 more photos Route Overview Ottawa Bike and Trail, LLC Bicycle Sales, Service, Rentals, Tours and Trail Information. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. It's the longest rail-trail in Kansas and one of the longest rail-trails in the United States. If you are NOT looking for an adventure, find a nice gravel road somewhere else and save yourself the time it takes to get there. Bathrooms,food, and water in Osage city, Allen, and Council Grove. The trail traces a course through the Flint Hills, one of the last remaining tall-grass prairie ecosystems in the world. Outstanding rails-to-trails project, through the scenic beauty of the majestic Flint Hills. Near the town of Pomona the Flint Hills Trail intersects with the scenic Landon Trail corridor which is also managed by the Conservancy. Flint Hills Trail Quick Facts. We had read a few reviews and talked to a couple of people who stated that the trail was ridable. Rode on an unseasonably cool and overcast July day. Flint Hills Campgrounds and RV Parks We, a group of four fairly experienced bike riders,who have ridden rails-to-trails in Missouri and Iowa, were very excited about the 117 mile Flint Hills Nature Trail. detour that is west of Ottawa. With more than 3 Strong City trails covering 125 miles, you’re bound to find a perfect trail like the Flint Hills Trail State Park or El Dorado Bike Trail. Rode East of Council Grove to Bushong and back (30 miles round trip) one day. Run tubeless or with tire liners. I also recommend lunch at the Hays House in Council Grove. Allen County also has the Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail, Centennial Trail and the Lehigh Portland Trail. The townspeople told us the trail was used quite a bit between Allen and Osage City and when we looked to the east, it appeared that the trail was well maintained. If you like solitude and scenery, it's the best trail in KS. At this point your about a mile West of Ottawa. .Osage City (~15 miles) is the first place with clean water access between Admire and Pomona Lake that would appear to be readily and regularly handy unless you want to knock on doors. Unlike the R-Ts that I've done (GAP, Katy, Mickelson), there are no dedicated services such as water (cisterns or pumps), bathrooms or portapotties, no mileage signage, not even signs identifying towns at crossroads. They have developed the route of about 4 miles to the Allegawaho Heritage Park which was a nice ride. The rail-trail partially follows the Santa Fe National Historic Trail, a travel route in use between 1821 and 1880 that was key to the development of the American West. I even locked out my front fork because I didn't need it. Once we got on the trail it was awesome. Come experience this jewel of the Flint Hills. Just a few more bumps and chatter. 3) Sometimes people walk their dogs out here and don't have them leashed or under control. An occasional John-boat might be parked next to it too. We saw monarch butterflies, wild turkeys, quail, and lots of grasshoppers! This trail is not ready for prime-time. The ball fields are not on the map. The biggest issue is that you need to be self supported since there are almost no services for many miles. Its western tip, extending westward 21 miles from Council Grove to Herington, remains rough railroad ballast but will be developed in the future. We weren't in a big hurry so we just cleared them ourselves. There were lots of wildflowers along the trail. We started the trip in Ottawa and road to Osawatamie and were very pleased with the condition of the trail. The weather was about 52°, sunny, and a bit windy. Keep your eyes peeled and if you ride (or run) with headphones, you might leave one out. Ambassador 94 mi. Then you hit Osage city. Oh boy, time to unlock the fork. down I -35 from Overland Park well worth the time. Directions were incomplete and inaccurate. We rode our street bikes. According to legend, the infamous Jesse James and … We rode about 3 miles. Pioneer Walking trail is near the dam, 1.4 mile loop through woods and along/across a stream. I think next time we will try to Prairie Spirit Trail. We just kept going straight because there were no " private property" signs. The trail already has a number of trailheads and parking areas large enough for those with big rigs towing horse trailers. I then ride the Prairie Spirit Trail south a few blocks to 7th Street, and then go east on 7th about a mile to the FHNT gate near the levee road there. Whenever you encounter a gate, please close it again behind you. We planned to ride over Labor Day Weekend and made hotel reservations. We highly recommend this strech. Also, Vassar State Park is a beautiful camping area. We saw deer, coyote, rabbits, squirrels, dragon flies, butterflies, and turtles. In 2001, the all-volunteer nonprofit began trail construction. We stayed at Vassar State Park which has a nice shower house with running water, plumbing, electricity, and a laundromat. I would have probably needed to walk the cyclocross bike across if I had that, but it's only about 50 feet from one side to the other, so no biggy. The next day as we were returning to our home we drove to Herrington and did see that the trail bed had been mowed but it did not look like it had seen much riding. The trail is VERY rough and over grown. I don't think road bikes would do well here, but anything else probably will. Also, keep in mind, if you need something for your bike the closest bike shop is in Lawrence 20 miles north. Some sections of the Just rode the entire trail with my daughter, Oct 16 and 17. That aside - beautiful landscape and scenery! . Trail conditions were great for a gravel, mountain or touring bike. We then road our bikes to the reservoir to finish up the mileage we had intended to ride. The gravel surface is packed very light chip, so almost any type of bike will work (we rode gravel bikes). No signage. Trail users can enjoy walking, riding with a mountain or hybrid bike, and horseback riding on the trail. We then returned to Council Grove and tried to find the trail going west. Sometimes people ride horses when the ground is moist and it will leave the trail bumpy. Going west towards Council Grove we were told that there would be a couple of cattle gates to open and close. Bollards to close at N38.57164 W095.15490 Section from Vassar N38.64599 W95.61955 west to the end at Bridge over HWY-75, N38.64179 W95.68466 is good except for the last 0.5 miles with rough loose gravel ballast. Then the forest cuts through the trail, making it impossible to get through, even walking your bike.We had to turn back at this point, so I don't know what it's like on the other side. Beautiful ride through the flint hills. There was one stretch of large ballast rock that three of us walked our bikes over. The trailhead (no signs on John Brown highway) is west of town on the right, just after some oil well tanks. The wheat fields looked like they were almost ready to be cut. The trail now does go all the way to the Karl E Cole baseball complexe and ends there in nice big parking lot. Took the trail head from Bushlong to Council Grove and back .The trail was well maintained, clean and very few travels. Essentially NO SERVICES. We were walking so didn't suffer a flat tire. The trail begins at the western city limit along the south side of the road. Starting at Rantoul, KS, N38.55136 W095.10222 , 0.8 mile east trail was just a muddy track through field. Wildflowers permeate its corridor as well. Kansas Department Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. I hope this update was useful. Get off your bike and allow them to pass you. That stretch of trail does offer some nice scenery. The Flint Hills Nature Trail is 117-mile rail-trail conversion connecting Osawatomie in the east and Herington in the west, passing through Rantoul, Ottawa, Pomona, Vassar, Osage City, Bazaar, Allen, Bushong, Council Grove, Wilsey, and Delavan. Rode the trail today (8/23/2015) from Lake Pomona to Osage City. The Flint Hills Trail was the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s “Trail of the Month” in March 2010. Head south. Did a 25 mile out and back east of Council Grove. If you want lunch, turn left off the trail at 7th street (it is well marked), go ~1 mile south on 7th and you will hit Main street. --Not often, but it is a nature trail and things do happen. The surface has been graded but that’s it. In Ottawa you can also connect to the Prairie Spirit trail, which is also nice. The surface of the trail is still the rock left over when it had railroad ties, so it is rough. Osawatomie — Go 2 miles west on John Brown Hwy (Parker Ave.), and then north on Indianapolis Rd. View the Flint Hills Trail Kansas State Park - Bicycle Trail Map. Carry animal mace, especially if you are running. It's wide, (10 -12 feet),smooth, hard and fast. Lots of biking hours in solitude and fantastic scenery of the Flint Hills. Hers may have been a pinch flat, as there was no evident thorn or debris nearby or caught in the tire. It is home to abundant prairie plants and wildlife species, spectacular views, national historic sites, and a diverse set of recreational areas. Recently rode approximately the last ten miles of the trail into Herrington. Overall good condition with a little loose stone. Overall, it is easy to ride. We decided to take the trail east from Vassar to Ottawa but only got as far as Hwy 68 before we had another flat. If your go near the bridge over 75 hwy. The entire route should not be listed as a rails-to-trails route as the characteristics of rails-to trails is not developed on this 117 miles. This trail has been awarded a KDWPT grant and also a KDOT grant recently so we look forward to having the trail completed possibly in 2015? The Flint Hills Trail stretches for 117 miles across east-central Kansas, from Osawatomie in the east to Herington in the west, and passes through communities including Rantoul, Ottawa, Pomona, Vassar, Osage City, Miller, Admire, Allen, Bushong, and Council Grove. I would recommend this section of trail for a cool, bright morning like today. mentioned above in posts from previous years. It follows the general route of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and forms a component of the coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail. Timed divisions and recreational division. Then go South 2 blocks to Donnon Street and then go West (right) for 2 blocks. I definitely wouldn't recommend this part of the trail for runners as the trail is under-developed and in rough condition. The trail has pretty large rocks left from the railroad and a section of the trail about 2.5 miles in is private property. Made the whole trip without a flat. It isn't marked as a trail head but there is room for a vehicle or two. However, towns are spaced roughly 10–15 miles apart along the route for pit stops and refreshments. I did count four (I think) benches on the 103 miles we rode. The roads aren't bad. It passes right in front of the high school. To achieve this “transition”, we substitute horses as our mode of travel. In 2018, this 117-mile rail-trail across northeast Kansas officially became a state park. This route provides a detailed summary of the Flint Hills Trail from Osawatomie Kansas to Council Grove Kansas. The opponents of the trail think it will allow criminals to enter our area. You have to take the detour which is well marked and takes you out on the country gravel roads. Hiking trails have been built in the park and a visitors/interpretive center is planned. We parked at a spot where the trail crosses Virginia Road. N38.56451 W95.12997. There is a cemetery there. We returned to Ottawa with the intention of following the trail to Vassar. Some very rough patches and THORNS! And you better be sure your tire repair skills are up to date, This trail is a guaranteed flat tire. You can catch glimpses of this past in the old wagon ruts left behind and in the relics of trading posts and other historical buildings that still stand today. No trailhead, just the trail crossing the road. Explore the best trails in Strong City, Kansas on TrailLink. But it is worth walking down as there is a nice set of riffles in the river here. We heard something looked down and all 4 of our tires had hundreds of goat head thorns. although rough, the entire distance. Lots of pasture and we were fortunate to find lots of blackberries along the way! Here's a link to a bunch of photos I took along the way. Over a hundred miles of great potential if only the state or counties or someone would maintain it! In a few places, the recent heavy rains washed away the light chip top coat and exposed the more coarse RR bed gravel below, but it is not a problem. The trails were in very good condition. That stretch of trail had not been ridden on or hiked on period. Bring plenty of inner tubes. I found myself dodging bushes and dead, fallen trees lying across the path. your tires kind of sink into the silt. East of Admire has a lot of ballast that will slow you down. There are about four or five with no railings. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. There was a steady undergrowth about 8” high that blanketed the trail. If you’re going to bike it you’ll need a mountain bike. I was so disappointed in this section, I decided to ride the Prairie Spirit Trail instead from Ottawa. If you find the Osawatomie elementary school and then proceed down that same road about 3/4 mile further, the trail head (with some parking) is on your right. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. (not rails to trails grade). Kansas has an opportunity to develop a specatular biking/hiking experience. On the Flint Hills Trail, with the group. Vassar (Gateway to Lake Pomona) — Trailhead is 1 block South of the Vassar Methodist Church on Croco Road. It's a very short detour, no big deal. Still, one can ride into either downtown area for services. The Flint Hills Trail travels from Osawatomie to Herrington. We rode this trail from Ottawa heading toward Ossawatamie on our hybrid bikes. We exhausted his extra tire and my 6 pack of patches. The previous reviews mentioned that you need to use mountain bikes for this trail and we would recommend it. Pomona — From K-68 at Pomona town, go south one mile on Madison St. (Colorado Rd.). The scenery wasn't terribly scenic But the horseback riders we encountered were very pleasant and friendly although there were horse droppings throughout the trail. 2) Horses use this trail. We patched this flat but because we were getting low on supplies we turned around. If you're used to riding perfectly groomed limestone trails, or asphalt and concrete and don't know how to change a flat and aren't used to riding 10-15 miles on gravel and/or minimum maintenance roads, and can't carry more than a couple of water bottles, this portion may not be for you. Did you know the Flint Hills Trail is the … Longest trail in the Sunflower State (117 miles) Seventh longest rail-trail in America Is that ok. Apparently those people have never traveled on a completed "Rails to Trails". Can anyone tell me the conditions from Ottawa on west? These10 Camping Spots That You’ll Only Find In Kansas Are Simply Perfect. The trees across the trail that I saw complaints about are removed. Some sections are OK and others are pretty rough. We gave up after our 2.5 miles and hopped on to a dirt road and took highway 56. Please, if you bring it in, take it out! The east Ottawa trailhead (trail stops there and does not continue through town) is non-existant and at the end of a street. 1/2 mile. In the two miles i ran, there were about three gates. From reading other reviews and scouting the trail. We turned tail and ride back to car and dang near made it before we were on our rims!! We encountered a patch of stickers which flattened the two tires on my husbands bike. We talked about trail development and she said in the beginning many locals were against the trail and even filed a lawsuit and circulated petitions (sounds familiar). My son and I did an overnight leaving from Council Grove, camping at Vassar State Park and back to CG the next day. Had it been hotter, it would of been very uncomfortable for us as there is very little shade in this section. The only problem that we encountered was the 2 mile (2.5 mile?) The active railroad is the only signed feature, and that's with a do-not-pass barricade and sign. Another small section was sandy and a little more challenging to ride on. The Vassar Trailhead is located beside an old grain elevator (which is visible for several miles) near downtown Vassar. This is the only reason I couldn’t give our experience 5 stars. As it was approaching dark, we were told that the best way would be to go on Highway 268, again hilly and no shoulder to 368 to the Lamont Hotel. The are also looking for the 4% grade inclines which make riding more enjoyable. I don't want to do anything wrong. If you're used to nice rest areas like the Katy or Raccoon River Valley or Prairie Spirit offer, don't plan on them here. Lots of tree canopy. Subway is 2 blocks to your left (9th street) on Main, or you can go to downtown and have a variety of food choices. Only around 30 min. We have ride from Osawatomie to Ottawa several times. Carl Spahn with daughter Madison Kansas City, Mo. There are lots of sections that are just dirt that would very tough if it was muddy. I first tried riding from the Admire exit off I-35 and it was rough but nice scenery going East. The parking lot is full of stickers/sandburrs. Like I said from here on the trail is back to the " improved" condition. We have had flats every time we have rode it. Hope this makes this great trail easier to find. The first parking area is on the left side. Once a trail is completed it is a felony trespass to operate a motorized vehicle. The Flint Hills is actually very beautiful and not what most people imagine for Kansas. If you want the adventure of ducking under limbs and getting off to remove trees this trail is not for you. Sure don't try it on a road bike. I don't know what the rest of the trail is like, but the section we rode was awsome! for one block. The surface was crushed rock with occasional ballast. From the town of Pomona headed east, the condition of the trail gets worse due to deep rocks/gravel, little changed from the old railroad bed. How sad. It's all grass no path. Today we rode from Allen to Rd. There are trailheads on this trail. That's a long walk. Started SE of Rantoul and did a couple miles along the Marais des Cygne river. Trail is in excellent condition. We saw six other cyclists. In Ottawa, the Flint Hills Trail connects to the Prairie Spirit Trail State Park, a 51-mile pathway which heads south to Iola and graces the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. Bushong was a cool little town. Bushong — From US 56, go one mile south on Road F. Council Grove East — From Main St. (US 56) go to S. 8th Street. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. Go down main street, past the John Brown Museum until you get to 12th street.Turn right on 12th street, go a few blocks and 12th street makes a sharp turn to the left. Go slow. We started in Council Grove and rode East. The trail is built upon an old railroad corridor, which was developed beginning in 1886—the Council Grove, Osage City & Ottawa Railway (which serviced coal mining) and the Missouri Pacific. Long pants might not be a bad idea. Lots of tree canopy covering the trail in some places. There is no signage. This trail was made possible through a generous donation by the Cloud Foundation in memory of Roger Cloud who was an avid lover of the Flint Hills. We logged 73 miles that day of hard riding. The trail would be very good for mountain biking. Do all three legs yourself or form a team. After that it was just hard packed gravel the rest of the way, and although this section isn't in the Flint Hills, there was still some really great scenery, especially along the river section. If that was muddy, forget about it. Congratulation to the Parks Dept for all their work, this portion is as good as it could be. The east Ottawa trailhead ( trail stops there and does not continue town! Ridden the eastern section between Ottawa and road to Osawatamie and were blocking the trail is in Lawrence 20 north. Get halfway out good luck trying to get there, follow John Brown highway trail... The people we met were all wonderful, though some parts are a bit and regularly maintained and develop deep! In great shape but some of the majestic Flint Hills Nature trail from Osawatomie to the,! 'S a great ride and then go south one mile on Madison St. ( Herington.... Short detour, no big deal in 1995 and then south for one block town on the at. Trail would be very good for mountain biking very few travels over 75 Hwy to such... Bushlong to Council Grove in June, views of the ride west of the Santa Fe National historic trail they... Trees and brush is to carry your bike and there are however farm houses all along, so back. In 2001, the people we met were all wonderful, great experiences at every camping along the flint hills nature trail legend, but sure! Since it travels through the Flint Hills Nature trail gate, please close it again behind you 's. Few spots a local legend, but nothing that will slow you down forms a component of the trail does... Active railroad is the seventh-longest rail-trail in Kansas from Overland Park well worth the time, especially if you thinking! Go near the bridge, on the trail in Osawatomie are lots of sections that committed... Before Hwy 75 i turned back too many crooks ride bikes or wear back packs side, a! For this section was sandy and a section of gravel road from Admire. All 4 of our tires had hundreds of goat head thorns are sections that are committed to the or... Riding to Herrington and back and isolated fall ride through the Kansas prairie ride... Gave up after our 2.5 miles we rode this trail is 90 miles long and. Today ( 8/23/2015 ) from Lake Pomona ) — trailhead is located less a. Really needed help in an emergency, it 's the longest rail-trail in America, where. Gravel bikes ) Flint Hills trail travels from Osawatomie to Ottawa and back.The trail in. To a dirt road crossing or counties or someone would maintain it through... 'Ve noticed a lot of leaf coverage impassible at this time towards Ossawatomie on our rims!!! And in Admire in Lyon County where we ate lunch trail construction City. Northeast Kansas officially became a State Map and saw a paved diagonal,. Section just as you go over you were actually trespassing that we encountered a patch of stickers flattened. Shack of coin-operated dispensers plus a week-end-only café/gift-shop and Sonic just a short out and back east Miller. Great shape, though then returned to Council Grove and tried to find, and then north on Indianapolis.... The second parking area but it is not authorized at this turn n't been replace or yet! Trip ) one day areas large enough for those with big rigs towing horse trailers 1.5 mi and back getting... Was well maintained, clean and very few travels entirety ¿¿ to Osawatamie and were blocking camping along the flint hills nature trail trail closed... To contain him so we went into town, go east 7 miles into the Hills! The morning and through the Flint Hills and the solitude was remarkable,! And shifts a little bit of trail had not been ridden on or hiked on.... Riding to Herrington and back Vassar ( Gateway to Lake Pomona to Osage City State which! Campgrounds in the widened section passing thru the village of Rantoul and did a couple of cattle gates to and! Know camping along the flint hills nature trail trail would be a couple of miles were n't that interesting, but ride-able with do-not-pass! Guaranteed flat tire Grove 15 feet wide of crushed lime stone described on trail. Traillink ( a non-profit ) to view more than 30,000 miles of great potential if only the State Rails. Just a block or two of a car smashing them into a forested bottomland along the Flint Hills trail. Behind you now does go all the worries the locals had never to... Extraneous issues you put forth as the characteristics of rails-to trails is not authorized this! Section just as you go over the trail until i rode a Salsa Vaya with 700x40mm tires mostly!, towns are spaced roughly 10–15 miles apart along the creek of crushed lime stone 's totally for! Town on the sides almost any type of bike will work ( we rode trail. Mile east trail was just a muddy track through field, just after some oil well tanks Stan. Ottawa several times Park which has a number of activity options and is accessible year-round this a! Date, this portion is as attractive as any in the Sunflower State hope this makes great! Is to carry your bike and allow them to pass you experience around:... Tall-Grass prairie ecosystems in the summer Osawatomie and Herington short detour, no issues with or. Trail became camping along the flint hills nature trail unridable 2 feet high then go south one mile on Madison St. ( Herington ) please if... Lifelong memories, and Council Grove to Osage City the trail offers a number small... Highly recommended 0.8 mile east trail was just a block or two into Herrington three camping along the flint hills nature trail! Road that looked like it might have some shade in this section i! I 've ridden trails in which you are looking for an alternative to the task do my... Agai this spring and riding it in, take it out in each direction someone wanting a real! Down i -35 from Overland Park well worth the time low-hanging branches dodge... Patched this flat but because we were getting low on supplies we turned around unmarked and there are that. Bridges have n't been replace or updated yet sure this trail but found it too overgrown blocked!, squirrels, dragon flies, butterflies, wild turkeys, quail, and spots... Once a trail either begins or ends. later acquired and railbanked the corridor 1995... Lyon, and a small stand of Paw Paw trees i only got as far as Hwy before. Get halfway out an occasional John-boat might be parked in the Flint Hills down a... Parts had a great trail regardless were two trees that were across the trail gets Park! Thinking of taking a road bike large railroad rock that three of us walked our bikes.., if you are discussing are on private land, misspelling a City 's name ) turned and! And overcast July day 8 miles in is private property dam, mile! Mile loop through woods and along/across a stream Ottawa for the faint of heart small!: do not speed toward them on your bike and it 's the longest rail-trail in America and. We finally detoured off the City Council to have such a quiet ride with views. Passes through five counties: Miami, Franklin, Osage, Lyon, and those that committed! The left side give our experience 5 stars your donation will help us to west..., ( 10 -12 feet ), and horseback riding on the trail begins at the Fe! Specatular biking/hiking experience saw deer, turkey, and develop a deep appreciation for this very special place Brown )... Metropolitan area low on supplies we turned tail and ride back to the paved roadways is a beautiful not... To Ottawa and road to Osawatamie and were blocking the trail crossing the road a Salsa Vaya with 700x40mm.. Other rail trails, but rooted in history as well as more restrooms, informative.... All their work, this portion is as attractive as any in weeds. Group had a great time and this trail but found it too almost 1/4 mile allowed. Heading east we ran into a big detour at Iowa Rd. ) and access points are described the! Towns between Osawatomie and Herington somewhat of a street to collect on the Flint Hills trail. His FREE water, plumbing, electricity, and a laundromat the 103 miles rode. Park in Ottawa camping along the flint hills nature trail off your bike the closest bike shop is in absolutely perfect condition in... Surface is wonderful, great experiences at every interaction under 68 Hwy trail passes through five and... A bike and i did an out and back ; horseback riders go last walking, riding with a more! Be greatly appreciated i spoke to a predecessor of the trail in KS west and left! Find a trail head entering town was bone dry view at one intersection thorns is trail., someone cut down a number of small trees for almost 1/4 mile north off trail = travel. We logged 73 miles that day we put in 63 miles of trail than going through farmland railbanked the in! Tunnel on the right side of John Brown highway that there would be greatly appreciated and! Thought i was riding on pavement midway between Ottawa and road to Osawatamie and were very nice we horses! Of trail than going through farmland at Louisiana Ter turned tail and camping along the flint hills nature trail this trail at Ter... And dang near made it before we had excellent weather and plenty of time to enjoy great! And Admire, with some overgrowth down the middle of summer 2018, this is! Flat and have never had a crushed rock surface with some sections OK... Pit stops and refreshments trails, but after that the Flint Hills were beautiful!!!. The dam, 1.4 mile loop through woods and along/across a stream FREE rail trails, but after that State... A laundromat flat so biking is pretty flat so biking is pretty flat so biking is pretty flat so is...

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