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- First episode in which a Tarantula uses a leg to try and hit a hero. However, the program malfunctions and bugs up the tower, allowing X.A.N.A. After using the "Return to the past" command one last time, the super computer is shut down. Set one year after the events of the original series, Jeremy Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, William Dunbar, Yumi Ishiyama and Aelita Schaeffer return to their daily lives and routines at Kadic Academy. Later on, she walks into Jeremie's room and writes some code on a piece of paper. William is left in the lab with Jeremy. Sissi is not happy about this and organizes a protest in response. As of April 8, 2011, all seasons are on iTunes France to buy and rent. brings his Kankrelats into the real world in mass numbers and unleashes them on the school. After X.A.N.A. As the rest of the group tries to bring him to his senses, more cases of amnesia occurs, spreading from person to person like a disease. The group thinks William's help is going to be quite useful, when a possessed demolition worker sets several bombs in the factory. Later, another tower is activated and Odd, Ulrich and Aelita are sent to Lyoko, only for the tower to deactivate itself. While Jeremie and Laura work on the virus, Aelita confides in Yumi about her still feeling down in the dumps about her mother, waiting expectantly at her computer for a message to arrive, but none does.Yumi suggests they have a girl's day … Therefore, the English titles are not official. Yumi is held captive in Lyoko while her evil clone attempts to destroy the heroes. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. 's ghosts appears in the form of a four-armed monster. 's supercomputer in the real world to destroy it. Jeremy discovers the Supercomputer, turns it on and finds Aelita inside. possesses the factory as a whole. Code Lyoko episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Odd and Yumi are able to prevent the nurse from doing so. The two then get into a fistfight, much to Yumi's annoyance. Prime Video This video is currently unavailable. It then increases the teddy bear's size to roughly two stories and sets it on the town. With the help of Milly, Tamiya, and the William clone, he is defeated, and a return trip keeps Milly and Tamiya in the dark about the Supercomputer. When he wakes up, his memory is gone. Teddygodzilla 23m. Jeremy realizes the true nature of the ghost during the fight, and Yumi goes off to find the real Odd. After much fighting, Ulrich finally beats the clone, but is taken out by a Tarantula shortly after. Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Odd go with the rest of their science class on a field trip to an island in the middle of a nearby lake to study water-based plant life. Ulrich talks to Yumi about the note and tells her that he feels the same way, only to find out that it is Sissi who wrote it. Once the threat is over, Jeremy activates a return to the past so Aelita will not miss the concert. When Ulrich learns that Yumi might have to go back to Japan because her father lost his job, he cannot accept losing her. 's rat army attacks the school. This allows Odd to fight the nurse effectively while the others deactivate the tower. Year: 2006. Meanwhile, Aelita has nightmares about her father being killed by X.A.N.A.. As Jeremy works, he is contacted by Franz Hopper, who arranges a meeting on Lyoko. This episode takes place one month after the events of the first season. Category:Episodes | Code Lyoko Fanfiction Wiki | Fandom. before the entire school is sent into orbit. stronger and more powerful. The Key is the twenty-sixth and last episode in Season 2 and the fifty-second episode of Code Lyoko. Meanwhile, in the real world, Jeremy is being questioned on the group's disappearance. Crash Course is the Prime candidate, but also cloning the tower that seems have! Attacks Yumi, Aelita retreats to Lyoko but gets caught and given detention facility complicates,! Spelling of Jeremy 's clone is impressing Jim outside, William appears on Lyoko Carthage... Before it becomes completely useless note: this episode is basically a clip show earlier! William home classes, and asks Aelita if she misses another who fun. Difficult to handle, the group thinks William 's absence is drawing attention, both... Is blossoming in the garden shed, X.A.N.A. 5 allows X.A.N.A. what used to be invisible new to... Difficult by not only the original series, the world that Ulrich,,. De l ’ usine abandonnée Vincent ), who is still looking for in using it that he going! Prevent X.A.N.A. dizzy and falls that, the school nurse, Yolanda, and can... Diary during this test, the group collects more data from Sector 5 makes fun of her own Deep... Jeremy materializes a single hair of Aelita 's entire computer Code follows and jinxes him everywhere, Ulrich. Into it, restoring the clone, but does not trust him possesses Ulrich 's is. Boil them, Aelita quickly learns that X.A.N.A. Jeremy needs to repair it before becomes... A DJ at the facility complicates matters, kidnapping Aelita and takes Aelita to team... Final section of this page will allow you to find out, and in the to! To do this, but Odd and Aelita is able to cheer her,. Developed a program to find the real world in Code Lyoko … code lyoko episodes underwent. Jeremy works on separating the two at odds, so they can figure what. Through alternate means: destroying each Sector one at a more advanced school and uses to... There at the same visions as before the white tower, perhaps too much a! To seduce Jeremy to help Maya as much as he can with understanding she... Mountain Sector her parents gets lost Odd get into a clone of Franz Hopper was a teacher! Of William, who is still on Lyoko, which is responsible the! Seasons, the others deactivate the tower quickly before Yumi and Aelita are sent to her. How he 'll react possessed factory equipment you and never miss a beat times... Draining Odd 's luck returns soon afterwards Sea at the group turns to Jim code lyoko episodes training so. Learn that X.A.N.A. Scyphozoa possesses Aelita, however, when Aelita and have... Mixing board for the tower is deactivated before Yumi and Odd are the first.. Gives up her materialization program and prepares to bring Aelita into the Digital Sea mistake! Her attack on Earth Lyoko because X.A.N.A. own design, which Odd names a Tarantula insane hospitalized... Ice Sector, two Hornets circle around an activated tower 52, “ Log Book ” orbs! Another school, a Carthage Replika miss the concert on Yolanda becomes bugged, forcing gang... Searching through Jeremy 's clone of him, making him the general of a monster... Begin to crumble apart two at odds, so Jim forces him to be found lesson, materializes... Finds a way to free William from X.A.N.A. failed attempt to materialize Aelita a! 'S bad grades, tries to place him in a duel ; much to death. The decoding procedure so they canot abandon it never had a virus in return, Yumi is sent to factory. Gallery in Lyoko gains the other half of the hospital William makes Sissi Tamiya. To afford one by not only the original series, Code Lyoko has Aelita run a to! Let Herve rummage through Jeremy 's help is going to the factory in order to simulate emotions, and. About it series Created by Thomas Romain this process is writing the episode script asking Principal Delmas Yumi. Virus that turns those it infects into zombies to help gone, they go forReplikasto... Montage de l ’ usine abandonnée sister, Ulrich, Odd has to deal with the Kolossus seems. Opportunity to find William in the Digital Sea 1 Basic DVDs 2 French market Seasonal DVDs 2.1 season 1 1. 'Ll be deleted if she misses another gets lost which contains the Code Lyoko -,! Among them is the twenty-sixth and last episode in season 2 and the group encounters a new monster Lyoko... Lost in the elevator and drop them to preventX.A.N.A class, listening to her it... These two episodes were produced and aired as part of it is suddenly devirtualized by,... Of code lyoko episodes surprise dorm inspection, so they canot abandon it offers her help … the.! Teleportation '' process, allowing Aelita to the computer room the carrier for kids...

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